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Contribute to Race with Purpose

The Race with Purpose endurance training program allows everyday people to achieve extraordinary athletic accomplishments, while raising crucial funds for youth-wellness charities.

Through our team members' efforts, we are helping the nation's neediest children lead healthy and active lives. Your donation and generosity makes it possible for Race with Purpose to increase its investments in such organizations as Marathon Kids, Healthy Children Healthy Futures, and Students Run Oakland -- nonprofit organizations having the most measurable, meaningful impact on the kids they serve.

To learn more about where Race with Purpose donations go, please click here.

To donate to a team member's fund-raising efforts, please click the "Donate Online" icon below and find your team-member's fund-raising page under "View Fund-Raising Pages." To donate by check, please see the instructions below.


To make a general credit-card donation to Race with Purpose, please enter the amount you wish to donate and click on the donation button below. Please note: if you are donating to a team member's fund-raising efforts, please use the "Donate Online" icon above.

Checks can be made out to the Robert H. Lorsch Foundation.
Please complete a donor card and mail it in with your check.

Checks should be mailed to:
The Robert H. Lorsch Foundation
1158 26th Street, #521
Santa Monica, CA 90403

Race with Purpose sincerely thanks you for your interest and support. We encourage you to join our team. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information at info@racewithpurpose.org.

The Robert H. Lorsch Foundation is a 501 (C)(3) organization (Tax ID #94-6719532).




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    Congratulations to our RwP Grant Recipients: Healthy Directions Inc., Marathon Kids, and Students Run Oakland! Learn more about our investments and these outstanding groups that share Our Purpose.

    Team Registration
    Do you want to find out how exceptional you can be? Are you willing to be an active part of a group doing great things for themselves and their communities? Registration for the fall marathon-training season will begin in a few weeks. Join Us and Race with Purpose!