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"I love this program for the camaraderie, the spirit, the electricity, the cause, the training, and the friendships."
Michael, ING New York City Marathon 2006 finisher and Race with Purpose athlete

Race with Purpose offers athletes of all abilities the chance to successfully train for and complete goal races while raising crucial funds for youth-wellness causes. Through their participation, team members often have life-changing experiences of their own, while changing the lives of thousands of children.

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  • No matter where you live, receive expert, interactive coaching, including guidance on injury prevention, rehabilitation, and nutrition.
  • You'll receive a daily training schedule with online calendar and alerts.
  • Follow the proven Race with Purpose training program, including the Commmute, Warm-Up & Race system, which has produced a 99% success rate for nearly 2,000 team members of all abilities.

  • Become a valuable member of the most supportive endurance-sports community available, comprised of hundreds of spirited teammates and dedicated coaches who will inspire you every step of the way, through group training runs and via an active online community.
  • Receive all the support you need to achieve your athletic and fund-raising goals, from experienced staff members and volunteers who are devoted to your success.

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  • Make personal connections with the kids who are directly benefiting from your fund-raising efforts.

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  • Arrive at the starting line confident that you are well-prepared for the challenge. Rely on your pace group and on-course team support to propel you to your best race.
  • Enjoy VIP race-day perks, including Race with Purpose gear that will identify you as a proud member of the team and make it easy for family and friends to pick you out from the crowd.

"This was my fifth marathon, but my first one not doing it alone. I can't describe what a different experience it is to do something that will not only change me, but change the world for the better, one kid at a time. I finished, took an hour off of my time, and had a huge smile on my face-uninjured and ready to do it again!"

Erica, ING New York City Marathon 2006 finisher and Race with Purpose athlete




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    Congratulations to our RwP Grant Recipients: Healthy Directions Inc., Marathon Kids, and Students Run Oakland! Learn more about our investments and these outstanding groups that share Our Purpose.

    Team Registration
    Do you want to find out how exceptional you can be? Are you willing to be an active part of a group doing great things for themselves and their communities? Registration for the fall marathon-training season will begin in a few weeks. Join Us and Race with Purpose!