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Our Mission

Race with Purpose seeks to train everyday people to achieve extraordinary athletic accomplishments while they raise crucial funds for youth-wellness charities. This organization is committed to putting our passion for running and triathlon to work, to inspire others to do the same. Through our actions, we create opportunities for both children and adults to live healthy, active, and productive lives.

Our People

Volunteer Staff - With many years of training for endurance sports and proven dedication to health-related causes, our volunteer support staff is devoted to helping all Race with Purpose participants reach their athletic and fund-raising goals. You can rely on unwavering support and prompt attention to any questions or concerns you may have.

Expert Coaches - All of our coaches are chosen not only on the basis of their endurance-athletics expertise, experience, and accomplishments, but also because of their unyielding enthusiasm and commitment to helping all Race with Purpose athletes succeed. Both online and in-person, Race with Purpose coaches are trained to make sure you remain excited, healthy, and happy throughout the season.

Our Stakeholders

Members - Our team members

Partners - The charities, athletic organizations, and communities we work with

Supporters - Our sponsors, benefactors, and organizations that share our values, support our cause, and provide funding

Volunteers - The essential group that makes it all possible, our volunteers are the lifeblood of Race with Purpose. We welcome anybody who is willing to lend a hand.

Beneficiaries - The kids who depend on the charities we raise money for in order to have a shot at living healthy, active, and productive lives.

Our Leadership

Adam Krajchir, founder and director

Coach Adam is the founder of Race with Purpose and the creator of the Race with Purpose training program. He is a former coach and rehabilitation specialist for the National AIDS Marathon Training Program. He served as the program director and director of training for the New York Road Runners charitable marathon training program training more than 1,700 marathoners while helping to raise $4.5 million in three years.

Coach Adam, an exercise physiologist and Ironman triathlete, brings more than 20 years of performance-coaching and athletic-training experience, including having been named by City Sports Magazine as one of Los Angeles' Top Athletic Trainers. He has completed 17 marathons and has led thousands of athletes to successful marathon and triathlon finishes, while helping them raise more than $10 million for charity.

Adam has been frequently quoted and is a contributor to online endurance communities and fitness magazines such as LA Sports & Fitness, TriScoop, Zen and the Art of Triathlon and Health.

Our Program Development Team

Jennifer Arozamena
Farrah Buchanan
David Darcy
Lisa Dellamora
David Edwards
Alan Gardner
Erich Hafenmaier
Peter Karoczkai
Cindy Krossman
Avi Kravitz
Birgitta Millard
Nathan Miller
Beth St. James
Erin Strout
Dawn West

Special thanks to:

Amanda Demilt
Sarah Doerrer
Moffat Frazier
Omar Gutierrez
Sebastian Kaupert
Eugene Koenig
Michelle LaSala
Erica Lyon
John Lyon
Carolyn Mehta
Kamal Mehta
Dawn Murphy
Josh Nolan
Jennifer Rehm
Bob Scofield
Jane Svehlak




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    Do you want to find out how exceptional you can be? Are you willing to be an active part of a group doing great things for themselves and their communities? Registration for the fall marathon-training season will begin in a few weeks. Join Us and Race with Purpose!