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For those who define personal records by their contributions to humanity and measure them one race at a time.

Achieve the extraordinary. Join Race with Purpose and successfully complete a marathon, triathlon, or another life-changing challenge, while raising critical funds to improve the lives of those in need.

  • Expert coaching
  • Proven program
  • Spirited community
  • Injury prevention
  • VIP race perks
  • On-course support
  • Personal records
  • 99% success rate
  • Improve lives
  • Support children
  • High impact
  • $10+ million raised

Challenge yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally by sacrificing for something bigger than yourself: Become a Race with Purpose athlete.
TimmySmall.JPG “I am so fortunate to have
stumbled upon this group of people. My life has changed so dramatically
in the last 9 months, to one of productive and meaningful experiences."

Timothy Higgins, ING New York City Marathon 2006 finisher and Race with Purpose athlete



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    Achieving Our Purpose

    Congratulations to our RwP Grant Recipients: Healthy Directions Inc., Marathon Kids, and Students Run Oakland! Learn more about our investments and these outstanding groups that share Our Purpose.

    Team Registration
    Do you want to find out how exceptional you can be? Are you willing to be an active part of a group doing great things for themselves and their communities? Registration for the fall marathon-training season will begin in a few weeks. Join Us and Race with Purpose!